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Post Apocalyptic Antartica by theSuricateProject
Post Apocalyptic Antartica
Part of my Post Apocalyptic Series: thesuricateproject.deviantart.…
When the first robots were created, they were slaves for humans. One day a few robots rebelled and they decided to colonize Antartica. Their leader, "the Icebot", founded free robotic cities. 
With Climate Change and Antartica's melting, humans decided to colonize Antartica too. India was the first to do so. 
And blablablabla - I will probably update this description later X)
Zombie Russia (the 'Ruswamp') by theSuricateProject
Zombie Russia (the 'Ruswamp')
Part of my Post-Apocalyptic Series: thesuricateproject.deviantart.…

With the Climate Change, Russia faced massive floods and diseases. The permafrost released several viruses and most of the country was under water because of the floods. 
But with the American Second Civil War, Russia faced a new problem: the Zombie Apocalypse. The zombie virus spread across the country. Soon, the government abandoned what was left of Russia and went into exile in Belarus. A huge fence was built to prevent zombies from spreading all over the world. 

Now, what is called "the Ruswamp" is inhabited by zombie creatures: undead humans obviously, but also undead animals (undead sentient bears, too) and undead Russian heroes. The Zombears took control of the Ural, while some zombie states settled in the Ruswamp, such as the Romanov Zombie Empire, in the southern swamp. 
With zombies also came survivors who saw Russia as a huge playground. Russians called them ironically "the bogatyrs". They founded several cities across Russia, such as Bujan. Those "heroes" want to eradicate the zombies and re-establish the glory of Russia. Some survivors turned crazy. In the north, a woman called "the Baba Yaga" rules over undead slaves. Other zombies, or humans, were soon given names from the Russian folklore. 

After a few centuries, it appeared that maybe zombies weren't as "dead" as one could thing. They had their own kind of society. Since this discovery, some activists fight for the freedom and the recognition of zombies. 

Note: the texts are in faux Cyrillic. Please don't yell at me because the texts don't mean anything: it's meant to be. 
Post Apocalyptic Space Map by theSuricateProject
Post Apocalyptic Space Map
Part of my Post Apocalyptic Series: thesuricateproject.deviantart.…

In 2036, Aliens came to Earth in hope of finding somewhere to hide from the enormous A'lin Empire. 
They were slaughtered by unwelcoming humans.
After a devastating war, the EU finally managed to conclude peace between humans and Aliens. Aliens gave humans the technology for space travel and many companies began aiming for the stars. Among them, the UN. They turned into a company (CoRUS) and began terraforming Mars. Sakkadei Industries discovered an Alien technology to build planets and began building their first planet, Deucalion, orbiting Proxima Centauri. 
In 2080, CoRUS failed to conquer Earth. They left an unfinished Mars behind them and turned into a space travel agency. CoRUS is now famous for their commercials featuring Hologram Stalin (also CoRUS' new leader since 2125), and their cheap space travels. (Also dangerous: many died in CoRUS' spaceships.)

After this map there are some others to come: Antartica (for you, :p) and Africa are already in progress. There is probably going to be a non-Post-Apocalyptic Map soon (another project of mine.)
America, Fuck Yeah! by theSuricateProject
America, Fuck Yeah!
I wasn't satisfied by my 1rst version of the North American map. So here's a new one. 
Also, I changed a bit the backstory: North America is now a post-medieval world. (Which means religious fanatics, witchcraft, lords and hangings. Cooll!)

About North America's history:
North America began to collapse when India nuked the US. Almost all the democratic Administration was decimated -- and it was to an extremist, Angus Wolf to become President. A isolationnist, he made peace with India & North Korea, and turned his country into a fascist regime. Revolted by his measures, the Western States revolted, resulting in the Second Civil War (2033-2034). In a year, thousands, even millions, died, the country was butchered, even Canada tried to intervene but collapsed in the process. 
When the States were weakened, the corporations intervened into the war: it was the Corporate War (2034-2036). Russia, who dared ally with California, was zombi-nuked and annihilated. Massive floods (from the Climate Change) reshaped the continent. 
In 2036, Aliens landed in America and all over the world, hoping to find shelter on Earth. They were escaping the oppressive A'lin Empire regime. But humans thought Aliens were dangerous. Fascist US, Canadian States, corporations, California made peace and joined forces against the Aliens : it was the War of the Worlds (2036-2039). President Wolf of the US was soon killed by Aliens and his wife, Faith Wolf-Cox, took office. 
In 2039, the European Union managed to make peace with the Aliens. Aliens were given a part of the American Wasteland. 
At the end of this Series of Apocalypses, North America was only a shadow of what it used to be. There were maximum 20 million Americans, many of whom mutants, or cancerous. 
In the next 200 years, it turned slowly into a post-medieval continent. Little kingdoms or corporations fought for pieces of land, many kings turned their people into slaves. 

In the east, the United States of Colombia are now ruled by President Buttons, husband of a Wolf. She has buttons for eyes and she's pretty scary. The US is a eugenicist country, obsessed with blood purity, patriotism and violence. 
In the west, California is a corporate state, ruled by Lobbies and Corporations. 

In the south, Mexico was mostly spared by the Apocalypses. In 2037, they decided to build a wall to avoid all the 'American rapists, murderers and other mutants'. Now, it's one of the richest countries on the continent. 
Asiatic Moon by theSuricateProject
Asiatic Moon
Part of my series of the Post-Apocalyptic Earth:
Post-Apocalyptic Earth: thesuricateproject.deviantart.…
Post-Apocalyptic Europe: thesuricateproject.deviantart.…
Neo-medieval America: thesuricateproject.deviantart.…
Far-West Mars: thesuricateproject.deviantart.…

Now introducing Retro-futuristic/Asian Moon. 
In the years 2020s, before the Apocalypse, because of the bankruptcy of many states, the Moon was sold to a huge American-Chinese consortium called "the Dragon Bunny Company". The Company decided to transform the Moon into a space resort, the first terraformation ever made. 
When the Apocalypses struck, the Terraformation wasn't even finished, but many Earthlings fled Earth and went to the Moon to help terraforming. Around 2100, the Moon was habitable - but chaos ensued. The Little Bunny Company tried to seize control of the Moon and its nearly-a-billion inhabitants. But a few geeks rebelled and proclaimed themselves "Free Daimyos". The Dragon Bunny Company was attacked by mafias, samurais, and even monsters created by mad scientists, and finally collapsed. 
But Dragon Bunny's collapse led to a new invasion: the SURempire conquered the Moon. They let the Daimyos rule the Nearside of the Moon, while Farside (a huge city, with half a billion inhabitants) became one of the most populated cities of the universe. 


No journal entries yet.

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